How Boris Pasternak Died: Cause of Death, Age at Death, and More!

Boris Pasternak reached the respectable age of 70 years. Find out the cause of death and more exciting information regarding the death of this famous Novelist.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Russian novelist, poet, and translator who famously wrote Doctor Zhivago and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958. His other notable works include My Sister, Life, and The Second Birth.

He originally aspired to be a musician and studied briefly at the Moscow Conservatory. He published his first poetry collection, Twin in the Clouds, in 1914.

His novel, Doctor Zhivago, was banned in the USSR.

His parents were Rosa Kaufman and Leonid Pasternak. He had several unsuccessful love affairs before having a high profile romance with Olga Ivinskaya.

Like author Lois Lowry, whose novel, The Giver, was banned in U.S. schools, Pasternak was the writer of a censored book.

How did Boris Pasternak die?

Boris Pasternak's death was caused by Lung Cancer.

Boris Pasternak died of lung cancer in his dacha in Peredelkino on the evening of 30 May 1960.
Information about the death of Boris Pasternak
Cause of deathLung Cancer
Age of death70 years
Death dateMay 30, 1960
Place of deathBoris Pasternak's House Museum, Moscow, Russia
Place of burialN/A


Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people, and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary.

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak Died Cause of Death

As in an explosion, I would erupt with all the wonderful things I saw and understood in this world.

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak Died Cause of Death

What for centuries raised man above the beast is not the cudgel but the irresistible power of unarmed truth.

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak Died Cause of Death

Art has two constant, two unending concerns: It always meditates on death and thus always creates life. All great, genuine art resembles and continues the Revelation of St John.

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak Died Cause of Death

Love is not weakness. It is strong. Only the sacrament of marriage can contain it.

Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak Died Cause of Death