How Eddie Clarke Died: Date of Death, Age of Death, Birthday, and More!

Eddie Clarke reached the respectable age of 67 years. Find out the cause of death and more exciting information regarding the death of this famous guitarist.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Former guitarist for the heavy metal bands Motorhead and Fastway. He was commonly known as “Fast” Eddie Clarke.

He worked odd jobs, including working on houseboats, before joining Motorhead.

He was frequently admitted to the hospital due to his many years living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

How did Eddie Clarke die?

Eddie Clarke's death was caused by Pneumonia.

“Fast” Eddie Clarke, guitarist for the original three-piece formation of Motörhead, died Wednesday evening after a bout with pneumonia, the band’s manager Todd Singerman confirmed to NPR.

Information about the death of Eddie Clarke
Cause of deathPneumonia
Age of death67 years
BirthdayOctober 5, 1950
Death dateJanuary 10, 2018
Place of deathLondon, United Kingdom
Place of burialN/A