How Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Died: Date of Death, Age of Death, Birthday, and More!

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. reached the impressive age of 84 years. Find out the cause of death and more exciting information regarding the death of this famous novelist.

Biography - A Short Wiki

American science fiction author of Slaughterhouse-Five and Cat’s Cradle. He was also the honorary president of the American Humanist Association.

He married his longtime sweetheart, Jane Marie Cox, upon his return from World War II. He and Cox later divorced, and he wed his second wife, photographer Jill Krementz. Over the course of his two marriages, he raised three biological and four adopted children.

How did Kurt Vonnegut Jr. die?

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s death was caused by Traumatic Brain Injury.

Information about the death of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Cause of deathTraumatic Brain Injury
Age of death84 years
BirthdayNovember 11, 1922
Death dateApril 11, 2007
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A