How Nicola Abbagnano Died: Cause of Death, Age at Death, and More!

Nicola Abbagnano reached the impressive age of 89 years. Find out the cause of death and more exciting information regarding the death of this famous philosopher.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Existentialist philosopher most recognized as a pioneer of the 1940s philosophy New Enlightenment.

He received his education in Naples where he obtained a degree in Philosophy.

He helped found the Centro di Studi Metodologici after World War II.

How did Nicola Abbagnano die?

Information about the death of Nicola Abbagnano
Cause of deathN/A
Age of death89 years
BirthdayJuly 15, 1901
Death dateSeptember 9, 1990
Place of deathMilan, Italy
Place of burialN/A