How Pavel Golia Died: Cause of Death, Age at Death, and More!

Pavel Golia reached the respectable age of 72 years. Find out the cause of death and more exciting information regarding the death of this famous poet.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Slovene poet and dramatist known for his children’s plays and his adult-themed poems (i.e., “Alkohol”). The library in his hometown of Trebnje, Slovenia was named in his honor.

He served for eight years in the Austro-Hungarian Army.

His life and works were honored by the establishment of a Pavel Golia Memorial Day, held annually in his hometown.

How did Pavel Golia die?

Information about the death of Pavel Golia
Cause of deathN/A
Age of death72 years
BirthdayApril 10, 1887
Death dateAugust 15, 1959
Place of deathLjubljana, Slovenia
Place of burialN/A