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How Wesley Warren Jr. Died: Cause of Death, Age at Death, and More!

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Wesley Warren Jr. reached the not so modest age of 50 years. Find out the cause of death and more exciting information.

Biography - A Short Wiki

Best known toward the end of his life for his battle with an unusual medical condition known as scrotal elephantiasis, this American man was the subject of a 2013 British documentary titled The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles (re-released in the U.S. as The Man with the 132 lb Scrotum).

His condition developed in 2008, during a period when he was working as an automated teller machine (ATM) salesman in the Las Vegas area.

He suffered from asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes as well as scrotal elephantitis. He ultimately died of diabetes at the age of fifty.

A native of Orange, New Jersey, he later lived in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada.

He appealed to listeners and viewers of the Howard Stern radio and television shows for help with his medical costs.

How did Wesley Warren Jr. die?

Wesley Warren Jr.'s death was caused by Complications Of Diabetes.

Warren’s struggles with his condition and his subsequent operation were filmed by a British television crew for a documentary The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles, which aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on June 24, 2013. He died of complications from diabetes on March 14, 2014.
Information about the death of Wesley Warren Jr.
Cause of deathComplications Of Diabetes
Age of death50 years
Death dateMarch 14, 2014
Place of deathUniversity Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Place of burialN/A